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Rekey Locks in Kelowna with Kurt’s Lock and Safe

Welcome to Kurt's Lock and Safe, the trusted locksmith service in Kelowna and surrounding areas. With over five decades of experience, we have provided reliable and professional locksmith services since our establishment in 1971. One of our expertise lies in rekeying locks, ensuring your property's security and giving you control over access. Whether you have damaged your keys or want to improve your old lock’s security, rekeying can be a great option. Contact us today to rekey locks for your homes or commercial properties in Kelowna!

The Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Locks

When it comes to enhancing the security of your property, you may wonder whether you should rekey your locks or replace them entirely. Here are the key differences:

Rekeying Locks

  • Rekeying involves changing the internal mechanism of the lock to work with a new set of keys.

  • The existing lock remains in place, but the old keys will no longer operate it.

  • Rekeying is a cost-effective solution that provides added security without replacing the entire lock.

  • It is ideal when you want to restrict access or if you have recently moved into a new property.

Replacing Locks

  • Replacing locks involves removing the existing lock and installing a brand-new one.

  • It provides a completely new locking system with a different key.

  • If you want to upgrade your security system, lock replacement is necessary when the lock is damaged or outdated.

  • It offers the highest level of security but comes at a higher cost than rekeying.

Benefits of Rekeying Your Door Locks

If you are going to rekey your locks you will reap several benefits, including:

Enhanced Security

  • Rekeying allows you to change the keys and prevent unauthorized access to your property.

  • It eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys being used to gain entry.

Cost-Effective Solution

  • Rekeying is generally more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock.

  • It provides the same level of security as replacing the lock but at a fraction of the cost.


  • Rekeying can be done quickly and efficiently by a professional locksmith.

  • It saves you the hassle of replacing all the locks in your property, especially if they are in good condition.

Maintain Control

  • Rekeying allows you to maintain control over who has access to your property.

  • It is beneficial in situations such as tenant turnover, employee changes, or after losing a set of keys.

Trust Kurt's Lock and Safe for professional lock rekeying services in Kelowna. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our range of locksmith services.

When Should I Have My Locks Rekeyed?

Knowing when to rekey your locks is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your property. Here are some situations where rekeying locks is highly recommended:

  • Change of Ownership: Rekeying the locks is essential if you have recently purchased or acquired a new property. This ensures that you have exclusive control over who has access to your property, as you never know who might have copies of the previous owner's keys. Rekeying the locks provides peace of mind and ensures that only authorized individuals can enter your premises.

  • Lost or Stolen Keys: If you have lost your keys or suspect that they have been stolen, it is vital to rekey your locks promptly. This precautionary measure prevents unauthorized access to your property. Even if the keys are eventually found or returned, you cannot be certain that they haven't been duplicated or compromised in any way. Rekeying the locks eliminates potential security risks associated with lost or stolen keys.

  • Employee or Tenant Changes: Employee turnover or tenant changes are common occurrences in commercial or rental properties. It is important to rekey the locks to prevent previous workers or renters from getting unauthorized entrances. This ensures that only the current authorized individuals have access to the premises.

  • Security Upgrades: If your current locks do not meet the desired level of security or have become outdated, rekeying can be part of your security upgrade strategy. You can choose advanced, high-security lock systems that offer superior protection against picking, bumping, or other intrusion techniques by rekeying the locks. Upgrading your locks during the rekeying process enhances the overall security of your property.

  • After a Break-in or Security Breach: If your property has experienced a break-in or a security breach, it is crucial to rekey your locks immediately. This ensures that any compromised keys or methods of unauthorized entry are rendered useless. Rekeying the locks restores the security of your property and provides peace of mind following such incidents.

Contact Kurt's Lock and Safe to discuss your specific circumstances and ensure your locks are rekeyed promptly and professionally.


Secure Your Property

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